Welcome and the purpose of this Community

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Hello, everyone.

This community is dedicated to the memory of Jonathan Paul Albers, a longstanding member of the furry community, known to most as "PandaGuy". He passed away suddenly on September 30, 2012, due to congestive heart and lung failure.

I remember him saying that when he did pass on, he'd be able to count the number of people who noticed on one hand. I decided to set up this community to prove him wrong. I'm certain there are plenty of us who remember him and have fond memories and stories to tell. This will be a place where we can share those memories, as well as leave final thoughts and wishes.

The community is moderated, but there's only one rule - PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL, both to Jon and to each other.

The floor is open. And thank you.

AC (Favor to ask) + How I am doing

Hey folks.

I know more than a few people are going to AC this year and I hope everyone has a great time. I sadly can't go being as I lost my job recently and that to me.. sucks. My roommate Tym gave me a disneyland hardcover book which has blank pages in different colors and we jokingly remarked how we should put furry porn in it.

And that's what I want to do. But I can't go to AC so I was wondering if someone would like to take it and get some sketches? Not gonna pressure anyone but if you'd like to I would love to send it for you plus I'd be grateful and draw stuff in return.

As for how I am doing I am not handling this so well as I thought. I have gotten angry over the past few days because of people going all nuts over the death of Carrol Shelby and when someone asked me why I did something I saw red.

Why? Let me explain.

My father Salvatore Thomas Riccardi died working for that company and at his funeral gary patterson was in attendance. I walked up to him and shook his hand staring him right in the eye and said "My father did right by your company. You do right by us." And he said "You have nothing to worry about." What was I going on about? Simply put my father was due two bonuses (one in cash and one of a new shelby car.)

We were screwed out of both.

Now my mom isn't struggling by any means she's in a comfortable lifestyle and owns the house she lives in but instead of pursuing this tooth and claw she decided to take the high road and forget about it. That's what she told me to do when I lost my job to those conniving bitches at the place I worked at.. take the high road and forget about it.

Why does that sound like "let people walk all over you and do what they want" or that's what I hear.

I am still looking for work (granted this is my 2nd week out of work) and I am getting some money from unemployment soon. But I am just sick and tired when things go wrong taking the "high road" as it were or hearing things like "your time will come". Haven't drawn or written in days.. because my heart isn't in it.

I dunno.. just feel.. lost.

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Getting sick and tired of this

Ok. I heard about some stuff going on at another convention and someone had to bring up "Well.. why shouldn't this convention become more family friendly? If we have to censor the adult artwork and make up alot of rules to keep people from having a good time and looking over their shoulder.. then why shouldn't we do that?"

Note this is the SAME con that had people talk to some idiot on the street that was with the howard stern show.

So when Snapai posted a journal about how said con was going to run their artist alley and someone piped up.. actually a few people piped up about how all cons should be more family oriented.. I posted this.

Find this whole thing about AC should be family friendly hilarious when one of con's organizers has an alt that demolishes cities and eats people. Yeahhhhh. Tell ya what would rather go to a con, have a good time and just chill out with my friends instead of being loomed over by a bunch of security forces saying "oh wait you can't do that.. there are children present."

And by the way there are kids at pretty much ANY con you go to nowadays. If you don't want kids to look at the adult art.. then have the PARENTS do their fucking job. It's NOT the con's job to go ahead and say "Oh were gonna protect the children so were gonna make you put stickers on adult art." NO. Instead have the parents control their kids and say "Nono timmy that's not for you .. maybe when your older."

As for furs being portrayed as "sexual deviants" yeah.. that's on you. I don't give a FLYING fuck what people say about furry because they know nothing about it. Do you know I have friends out here in CA who are NOT furry and have asked me about it and the FIRST thing they mention is the CSI episode? Y'know what I do when they bring that up?


Why? Because that was all fake dude. I just say "Yeah they didn't have their facts straight. Here's a picture of what goes on at a convention." And I show them pics of fursuiters and people having fun, some variety videos and all that and y'know what they say after this whole spiel?

"That looks like fun! Where are these conventions held?"

EVERY fandom.. not just furry has a sexual side to it.. from Harry Potter, Star Trek, Horror, Anime, Sci-Fi.. hell if you even looked hard enough there's prolly porn of the wiggles and other children's programming (even the bronys!) The ONLY thing that stops the fandom from growing are the people who want to control it and y'know what?

You can't control people.

And if I have a choice where I am going to spend at least $2k for myself and my mate to go to Pittsburgh and possibly be controlled.. or spend alot less and go to a con where i'll have a good time.

What do you think I am going to pick?

I rest my case.

This is just fucking ridiculous people. With the exception of FC ANY con that I go to is a major expense. Do you REALLY and HONESTLY think I want to go somewhere and be told "Nono! You can't do that! Or you can't see that.. there are kids present."


This is ADULT time for ADULTS. If you don't like that come back when you've grown up. God.. people are IDIOTS and I reiterate how I find it funny that a chairman of said con has an alt that loves to EAT people and SMASH cities.

God. Grow the hell up
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Fun with bots!

Ok, I have to say that Yahoo messenger is getting flooded with bots. Sometimes I will get a request and it sounds like someone I know so I add them.. boy is that a mistake as I get a picture of a girl in the window and she looks hot. Usually I just unfriend, block and report as spam but this time I had some fun ala MST3k.. so here we go.

Adam Longman: hey u there?
Johnny Blanco: no I am not here.. this is a recording .. leave a message after the beep.. um.. beep
Adam Longman: hey
Johnny Blanco: ...
Adam Longman: whats up, I found your screename on a member directory of social sites..not sure which one cause it bundles them all together lol
Johnny Blanco: Wow really? Tell me more?!
Adam Longman: yes im real
Johnny Blanco: Really?
Johnny Blanco: I don't think so.
Adam Longman: i am bored at home...and this usually leads to bad things haha
Johnny Blanco: You could be an experiment in a goverment lab! Or an ALIEN
Adam Longman: well...i kinda have a fetish for being on camera, do you like to cam at all??
Johnny Blanco: Cam? What's that? I am only 15 years old.
Adam Longman: have you ever used MyRandomCam? its a free site that uses yahoo cam to let us chat live and do whatever we want without anyone seeing hehe..
Johnny Blanco: Whatever we want? We can play video gmaes?! And watch movies?!
Adam Longman: here, click this, this is my link on there http://is.gd/IUfv1X
Johnny Blanco: I dunno. My mom said that I shouldn't click on links.
Adam Longman: Its http://is.gd/IUfv1X just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left...its 100% free to join you only need a credit card to verify that you are over 18 ;p
Johnny Blanco: I don't have either! I am 15 years old!
Adam Longman: go there and my video will load, just click the "Verify" button on the bottom left...its 100% free to join you only need a credit card to verify that you are over 18 ;p
Johnny Blanco: I am not over 18
Adam Longman: i love the site cause its streams fast in real-time... fill out your info, its freek?
Johnny Blanco: it's free even tho it asks you for a credit card... riiight
Adam Longman: yes babe the credit card is for age verification, for me to be a premium member and give you free access they have to know your over 18 just click the "verify" button on the bottom left of the screen to verify that your over 18
Johnny Blanco: Wow this has been fun senor bot but I have a life to lead.
Adam Longman: a what?
Johnny Blanco: fwmlfwk.fwejl;fwejkl
Johnny Blanco: dfkslfwdeklfwejkl
Johnny Blanco: svdjwcvjkhfwejklh
Johnny Blanco: Nothing else to say?
Adam Longman: let me know if you need any help logging in..i'm gonna slip into something nice for you..k?
Johnny Blanco: Wow.
Johnny Blanco: Peanut butter
Adam Longman: im the girl in the main video that loads
Johnny Blanco: fasdfa
Adam Longman: k
Johnny Blanco: HAH! GOT YOU
Johnny Blanco: BAI BAI
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Have to get this off my chest.

Ok. There was the last Fursuit Tourney that just wrapped up and all I can say is ... it makes me never want to enter into this tourney.. ever again.

So much in fact that I don't want to vote or participate in future events and want to tell these people that if I am included to take me out.

What it all boiled down to was that Bucktown's fans were going on and on saying that Bucktown is a better performer because he can do it all and Twitch just "talks in suit."

And he shouldn't.

What? Are you people the fucking fursuit police all of the sudden? LISTEN UP AND LISTEN GOOD.

If I EVER catch ANY of you motherfuckers hassling Twitch at a con I will make sure to sick security on you and get you ejected from the con so goddamned fast your head'll spin.

So he talks in suit? SO WHAT! SO DO I! My jaw fucking moves and if your jaw moves you CAN talk in suit. If his jaw doesn't move guess what.

HE STILL CAN TALK IN SUIT YOU MORONS! This is HIS character! Who gives you the fucking right to tell him how to play his character?! That's like going up to you at a taco bell and slapping your taco on the floor because you put mild sauce on it "No! You have to put fire sauce on it!"

Can't you even think for a second how STUPID that sounds?!

There are lots of suiters that talk in suit and if they do that's fine.. if they don't that's fine.. but that's NO ones business but their OWN.

I am done with the fursuit tourney. People take events like this which are supposed to be fun.. and turn it into something else.. I BET without a fucking doubt if the same thing happened to me I would get hassled and harassed by the opposing suiters camp and y'know what?

I'd quit right then and there.

Because it's not worth it. It's not worth to have an imaginary title saying you're the best fursuit for this year. I'd rather put on my suit, go and have fun and just be goofy than win ANY award.

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*blows off the dust* been awhile since i posted anything here.

Well what has happened since the last post I made? Hmm. Oh right the first job that I took around April! I was working for a great company called Access Information Management and it was a sweet gig just doing data entry of files into the system. Not only did I do my job so well and exceeded their goals I pretty much worked myself out of a job and I was like.. well shit.. now what?

Last week I get a call from my temp agency for an interview at another position which they had two. One was a customer service position and the other a file clerk position. I was like hey either or and the bare minimum I am gonna make is like $10 / hr so I am happy either way. Yesterday I get the call to start at 8:30 in the am and I am like petrified.

And I don't know why.

Maybe because it's the first day on the job or whatever and I don't know how to act. Maybe it's in a new environment with people i've never met. I don't know why but I am kinda nervous as I write this. I think the biggest reason I am nervous is that I don't wanna blow this as this is a temp to perm job and if I get it I will be employed thru them and not a temp agency.

I guess that's the main reason. I dunno. I get off at 5 pm that's another thing that kinda bugs me as it'll take me more than a bit to get home. :/

Anyway I will post another journal when I get home. Take care folks and have a great one!

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work and other stuff.

Sorry I haven't posted like anything in awhile I've been working my tail off over at this temp job. What am I doing and where am I working? Well let me tell you. It's a place called Access Information Management (no it's not AIM or advanced idea mechanics for you marvel nuts out there ;) and what I do is take files , slap a barcoded sticker on 'em and then enter the info into the system so they can find it easily in a box.

It's a bit grueling and it seems like a monumental task (there's like a 20+ pallet backlog and each pallet can have 6 to 40+ boxes and god knows how many files are in a box). I tore thru a pallet the first two days of this week and did 500 files yesterday (I average around 300 to 500 files a day and the boss is VERY happy with my performance).

But I am going to stick with it and stay with this job for as long as it lasts. Someone said that this job will last a month and I can see it lasting for a lot more than that.

Also I feel like I have to apologize for months and months of bad behavior. Yeah I know you've heard it all before and you're like "Oh he'll just fly off the handle or whatever else" But y'know what? That's what I feel is right to do and it needs to be done. There was a big big blowup between me and puffypaws and you know what? It was a misunderstanding and that's ALL it was. It wasn't a conspiracy to screw me out of a toy (because my money was refunded and they're willing to work with me on a future release). Hopefully this job that I am working at decides to hire me on permanent and we'll see what happens from there. You wouldn't believe the stuff that happens here and how they put up with this (hell people come in like 5 minutes late and the boss gets pissed.. and I come in at least 15 minutes EARLY to start my shift!)

So yeah, if I got in your face a lot during the past few months you have to understand it wasn't just you.. or what's going on. It was the fact that I was scraping by and not being able to get anything for myself and seeing others getting what they wanted. It bothered me but in the end does it really matter? Hell I would rather take the time out to listen to a furry that has a problem and try to help them with that problem instead of getting a big toy for myself.

Anyway, it's getting late and I need to get a shower in before work. Y'all take care and have a good day! If you need me find me on yahoo at j_blanco2000 and if you add me.. PLEASE don't say "Hi I saw you on messenger and blah blah blah" use something a bit more original otherwise the chances of me not adding you will be slim (I get bots trying to add me for whatever reason so I block 'em)

Take care and have a great day folks!

Love, Johnny
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And when I feel like I can feel once again...

Taken from : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7guT.....p;feature=fvst

There are times that I wanted to write a journal that was either overly depressive or downright violent with lots and lots of swear words... and every time I was going to do that I just busied myself with something else.

So this journal comes along as a lot of people are asking me how I am and what I am doing and all this.

How am I? I am alive. Healthy and sometimes yes I do get depressed. But that's for not having a job. But I have to keep faith that something will come along. My first wave of unemployment is going to run out (and it'll probably get extended so no worries there as I know some furries that are on unemployment a lot longer and it's about to run out.. I worry about them.. a lot.

I get depressed because I feel that I may not have a shot at landing a job. I am 41 years old and will be 42 in less than a month.

The whole experiences from FC still leave a bitter taste in my mouth and I don't know why.. I went and had fun and I am unsure why I can't focus on that. I guess I keep focusing on some of the negative things furs have said about me (and you know what? they're right so don't go ahead and say nonono Johnny you're perfect and all that bullshit. No one is perfect. Period.) Maybe I have a bit of growing up to do even tho I am 41..

But then again.. so do other furries that are out there. I am not naming names but there are furs who are not 18 or even 20 that act like they're two years old. They don't consider other peoples feelings or what might happen and they just live in their own world and you know what?

That doesn't anger me.

That just makes me feel sorry for you.

I shit you not. I was in a restaurant at FC with my mate.. and the food was QUITE good. Billy Berks is what the place was called (and next year I am going to go there again ;) and a group of furs come in with one fur that I particularly don't get along with. He sees me and he's at the door talking to his friends and whispering and they all left.

Really? That's pretty childish. What's going to happen at the meets in Sacramento? Or at the FC picnic? Are you NOT going to go to those either because I am going to the anniversary meet this weekend. If you choose not to go to either.. you're not just immature.. you're downright silly.

Anyway the whole birthday mess still bugs me from time to time. I am not saying this trying to garner sympathy for myself or whatever.. it was just an incident that left a bitter taste in my mouth. I do have some people who are working on some stuff for me for my b-day and I am very happy about that. To those of you that are thank you. Heck if you just send me a happy b-day card or even a note or shout on FA.. i'll be happy.

There are days where I will be happy and upbeat and there are days that I'll be angry, sad or whatever else. That's life folks. I can put masks on for everyone to see.. but I think that'll be more detrimental to my own health.

So to end this journal I end it with a dream I had. Furry con in Las Vegas and the performers at Ceaser's palace LOVED us. They were taking pics with the fursuiters, playing around and just loving it. I doubt that'll ever happen but y'never know.

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New book going to be released by Christopher Hart! :D

Look what will be coming out soon by Chris Hart Books! :)


I can't wait! I told him I was a big fan and he said there will be all types of furries that will be included how to draw step by step.

He definitely knows how to draw so it'll be a great book once it comes out. I asked him if he needed any help with the book to give me a call so we will see.. :)

Be on the lookout for this especially if you're an aspiring furry artist (like me! :)

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Something odd happened last Thursday.

Ok, here's what happened.

I was working on creating a spare computer to give to Polecat because he's working on the house (he put a door going into the garage already and he's going to be doing a front door when the windows are put in). But there was a slight problem.

The 8800GTS I had decided to give up the ghost finally and it left him without a video card. No worries. We had a lifetime warranty from XFX so we sent in the paperwork and I kinda forgot about it.

Last Thursday I get a box in the mail from some kid and it was laid out like this:

123 my address here
sacramento CA 95823

I was like WTF? Inside the box there was a 5770 HD Radeon card from XFX and I bet I could have gotten this working and had a brand new card. So what did I do?

I called the company and explained the situation. They were impressed with my honesty and sent me a Fedex Label via email so we could send the card to the right place and help this kid out.

I dunno if that was the right thing to do or whatever.. but it felt right by me. I know XFX wont' give me anything for this (seeing as it was their screw up in the first place and I just corrected it) but it'd be nice to be appreciated for doing the right thing from time to time.. y'know what I mean?

A more unscrupulous person would have kept the card, sold it or whatever and this kid would have been out of a 200+ card. *shrugs* Ah well..

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